Covid and paruresis

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Covid and paruresis

Post by JamesP » Sun Jun 13, 2021 8:10 pm

Hi all

I just wanted to see how covid might be affecting people with paruresis. I consider myself to be at least 90% recovered (thanks to PAA workshops and support group), but it is still something that is always on my mind when I visit a public toilet. My experience with covid has been that I spent most of last year working from home, which is a very comfortable situation for a paruretic! Also, there was much less going out socially and at times that I did go out I found toilets to be pretty quiet and in a few toilets I found that every second urinal was taped off for social distancing reasons - fantastic!

I wonder how people are going now that we're mostly back to normal life. Has this been a shock for some people? Did the lack of opportunity to practice last year set anyone back? Is anyone feeling heightened anxiety due to covid, which may be contributing towards their paruresis also?

One thing I've noticed about myself post covid is that I feel like the new social norm of distancing has made me feel more "normal" about, say, choosing not to stand next to somebody at a urinal and instead using a cubical. Interested to hear other people's thoughts.


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Re: Covid and paruresis

Post by eric » Wed Jul 14, 2021 9:09 am

Hi James,

I see Sydney has gone back into covid lockdown so it is not over yet, unfortunately.

I had badly relapsed before covid, so the reduced social opportunities during the Perth lock-downs have been a un-earnt reprieve. At home I have been distracting myself working on an old car, and at work with fewer people around, the already manageable toilet setup was even a little easier for me.
I often have the situation at work where there is a single cubicle toilet available is near areas where guys are hanging around and talking. I have to learn to avoid audible distractions such as peoples voices, which seem to dominate my attention, when I would prefer to ignore them and go freely. Normally a distraction of my own, such as what I am going to do in the day or after work helps me go, but it seems to be different when the distraction is forced upon me. There is also the urinating noise issue for me, but in some situations at work this not as big a concern as either 'time taken' pressure or the audible presence of others. When I did the Sydney workshop it was good in the graduated exposure to have a stage where guys in the adjacent room were yakking away.

With the Perth practice group long since disbanded, I am not looking forward to tackling the problem again. I know it takes time and courage and it is very easy just to 'avoid' and get by. If there is anybody in Perth wanting to practice let me know.

I hope there aren't too many others developing the problem because of covid.

Cheers, Eric.

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