Report on Sydney AP Support Group Meeting – Thurs 12th Feb 2

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Report on Sydney AP Support Group Meeting – Thurs 12th Feb 2

Post by rossco309 » Thu Feb 12, 2009 9:10 pm

Well, I finally made it back to a meeting after about 2 months off due to the Xmas break and just general business. As usual I arrived in the Town Hall area about 1 ½ hrs earlier and had a light tea at the Cascade Café. By the time my 55min train ride had got me into town and I had walked around the shops for 30mins or so, my bladder urgency was about 7/10 so I decided to start some practice by myself.
I went firstly to the large QVB downstairs toilet which has been recently refurbished. The long troughs that used to be there have all been replaced with urinal bowls which are fairly close together. I was successful starting here with no problem even though others were nearby. I then walked around and up to the QVB old style upstairs toilet only to find that it was closed due to the QVB renovations, so I moved on to the smaller one nearby only to find it was very busy, and I couldn’t start. A misfire! So I strolled back to the other end of the Town hall station shopping center, and tried another toilet which has dividers between the urinal bowls. It again was extremely busy, another misfire! I was beginning to think I was in for a difficult night. I waited outside watching the big screen TV news for 10mins and then returned and went straight into a cubicle, closed the door, stood up, and started pretty well straight away and as I had about 1 hr before practice was to start I pretty well emptied out.

At 7.30pm, only 4 of us met up for practice together. As we had 1 new comer, he and John spent most of the time talking and getting to know one another while Darren and I did the rounds. Back to the last toilet where I had misfired. No problems this time even though it was very busy. What a difference just knowing that there is someone nearby who knows your problem. We then moved on to the toilets in the GV area nearby and Darren and I were again successful. He and I then went down to the large downstairs QVB toilet, but this was now a lot busier since I was last there one hour earlier, I found that I couldn’t get started again. No matter, we then moved upstairs to the one I had misfired earlier and as my urgency level was now about 8/10, I had no problem starting again. Darren then left for his train, and I met up with the others for about another 10 mins chatting.
I was then able to go into the big toilet block nearby and easily started and empty out before my train ride home.

What have I learned tonight? I need to keep up the practice more frequently than every 2 months!!! But my misfires during the night no longer worry me, as I continue to improve day by day.
PS> The following day I had no problem in my local library small men’s toilet getting started in the urinal bowl as someone else was leaving the cubicle next to me, and then stood behind me to wash his hands.

How is your practice going????? Why not come along each month and meet up so that you will improve as well????

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