Getting the Word Out to Medical Staff

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Getting the Word Out to Medical Staff

Post by rossco309 » Mon Nov 30, 2009 6:25 am

Wow what a quiet month on this PAA Site!!!! Where are you all hiding? Studies in the USA have shown that at least 7% of men and about 1% of women have this condition, so where are you all?

Anyway, I had opportunity today to have a good long chat with my GP. He is new, as the previous doctor has retired. I took along the info from the VIC Gov Health web site > ... drome?open

He showed interest in what I told him, and said he would read the article.

Also last week, while I was having blood tests, the nurse asked me if I would have any problem giving a urine sample as well. What an opening!! I asked her if she had ever heard of Paruresis/Shy Bladder. She replied, No. So I was able to explain to her that about 3 years ago I would not be able to normally give a urine sample. But now that I am well down the recovery road, these tests no longer phase me. She also seemed interested in what I had to say, and it made the blood test easy, as i normally don't like needles either !!! I had no problem with the urine sample.

I have found this web article to be a good start to give to people such as doctors, nurses and even your friends or family. This, in theory should help to get the word out there, that there is such a Social Anxiety Disorder called Paruresis - Shy Bladder, and that recovery is possible.

Regards to all readers, Ross. (keep up that desensitisation practice, it really helps. :) )

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