Internet stories on Paruresis

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Internet stories on Paruresis

Post by Derek » Sun Apr 17, 2011 7:36 am

A couple of articles worth reading, I posted them on the old site, but will re-post them here: ... resis.aspx

There also used to be an article by Russell Gibbs on the website, under Personal Stories, but not sure what happened to it.
Some of the Personal Stories on this web-site are worth reading, although they often show generalised anxiety disorders - eg agaraphobia.
Paruresis is a social phobia that has physical consequences. There is also, as yet, an unquantifiable physical component to the disorder, which along with social and privacy factors, which makes one more prone to developing the disorder. Steven Soifer believes this is a strong component, and weak streams tend to be part of the disorder - which is why substantial fluid loading is paramount in recovery sessions. I also use caffeinated drinks and/or bethanechol to help.
It is a good idea to print articles on shy bladder like these out, both for motivational purposes, and also to show them to others (eg medical fraternity) when needed as documented proof that this condition exists.

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