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Help in NZ

Post by Sylvester » Mon Dec 24, 2018 2:08 pm

I am new to the site and like others stumbled across this site on the net.

What I would like to know is if there is anyone in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand that is also a part of this forum and would be willing to join me to practice?

Like so many of you I have a similar story of having Shy Bladder Syndrome since early teen age years from unknown reasons. Thought I was the only one, been to some professionals over the years and only in the last five years have told some family and had a brief period of having a pee buddy (family member) which worked very well. I can go sometimes at urinals with urgency and dividers but keep back tracking when busy with people. I am now 47 and have managed well with not having a great social life and knowing "what the plan is" when traveling, but now I have a more stressful work situation with traveling with other guys and for long periods of time in the car with unknown travel times and stops...
I have had enough of this and really want to sort it out.

I have read the shy bladder syndrome book, practiced a lot, tried many methods but just can't seem to get past the overthinking part of this. The only thing that has worked for me is the gradual exposure in some situations with having a bladder full, starting before someone else comes in and having an alternative place if needed. But this is not helpful at all when there is little urgency only one opportunity, people waiting, or no privacy, which seems to be the hardest to practice, without constant misfire and walking away after standing there "doing nothing" for what seems many minutes...

However I am encouraged by the many posts and agree it is possible to reduce this condition as I have had some success from earlier on where the cubicle was the only option for many years.

If there is someone in the Bay of Plenty area who is also going through this and would like to work together please let me know by PM.

Cheers from NZ

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